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Lierac - The Language of Your Skin

Founded in 1975 by Dr Leon Cariel, a French physician specializing in aesthetic disorders, Lierac specializes in “Active Phytocosmetics” – the formulation of cosmetic products with plant-derived molecules whose effectiveness, active properties and safety have been well proven.

A leader and pioneer in the industry, Lierac has led the world with its many first, avant-garde and innovative products since 1975 entailing.

LIERAC Laboratories rapidly established a reputation for their expertise in skin disorders and aging, the demanding effectiveness of their formulas, and that ‘simply so French’ appeal that makes each product a pleasure for the senses. As one of the skincare leasers in upscale, treatment-based cosmetics, Lierac’s skin and body care products are developed by a team of physicians, researchers and pharmacists, offering responses to the beauty needs of even the most demanding women.

Lierac’s innovative skincare products are manufactured aligned with extremely strict, precise scientific and pharmaceutical procedures, elegant packaging and pleasant texture of the products, winning approval of women throughout Europe and the world.

For more information, please visit www.lierac.com