Phyto - Scalp & Hair Theraphy Through Plants

Phyto, which is Greek for ‘derived from plants’, is a pioneer in merging active plant botanicals with modern science, for wholesome formulas to restore hair back to its beautiful and healthiest condition. Created in France by Mr Patrick Ales in 1969, Phyto has since remained as one of the biggest hair brands in the world and the unprecedented choice of millions of women, including well-known celebrities.

Many of Phyto’s hair products are the world’s first to be developed and are still raved as cult favourites till today.

Clinically proven for effectiveness and performance, these naturally derived formulas are packaged in 100 percent recyclable containers such as glass and aluminium, delivering its 40 year old philosophy of respect for hair and nature.

Phyto’s award winning formulas are developed by doctors, pharmacists, biochemists and botanists in the company’s own Phytosolba Laboratories.

“There is no such thing as bad hair, there is only poorly treated hair”, is Mr Patrick Ales’ trademark motto that was inspired by years of research and discovery.

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